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At Conquest Finance we’re committed to your success. Whatever your property and business financial needs, our team has the know-how and experience to ensure you secure the best possible lending conditions to fund your investment.

Today’s competitive world rewards the aspirational, and we take pride in helping our clients embrace promising investment opportunities. Smart investment exists at a crossroad of optimism, realism, and informed proactive choices.

Our up-to-date lending knowledge enables Conquest Finance to offer Australians truly excellent service. We believe you have the right to a better future. Seeing clients achieve the security of financial freedom is part of what drives us.

Understanding the parameters of available loan options is essential when making informed investment decisions. Our goal is to broker a personalised solution that helps lay the foundation for your prospective wealth.


At Conquest Finance we evaluate loans for investment in an array of assets including property and business.

Depending on the complexity of your investment plans, we may recommend you seek advice from one of our certified financial planners or accountants to ensure our loan solutions are in line your financial goals and investment timeline.

Outlining your vision as a motivated future focused borrower offers us important insight, and we’re ready to listen. Our support role in your investment journey is pivotal, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Pinpointing the most advantageous finance package can be integral to successful long-term investments. At Conquest Finance we have the industry experience and financial acumen to deliver the best possible loan options on the market.

Certain factors may drive your loan structure, including income sources, your contribution to the transaction whether that be cash or equity, and the type of property you are purchasing.

Our priority is obtaining you a loan that delivers maximum benefits, on all fronts.


Let us save you time and effort when sourcing loan capital. Even with comprehensive personal research, you risk piecing together what may be an incomplete picture of a complex lending landscape.

You can trust the team at Conquest Finance to help, and we’re always happy to explain our process. As finance professionals, we know the many elements under consideration when assessing an application.

Aside from income, bank affordability assessment rates, your existing liabilities, negative gearing, debt to income ratios, and individual lender appetites are just a few of the factors we consider.

In our line of work, we recognise financial health can be unexpectedly impacted by life’s ups and downs. Our role is to support clients confidently moving forward with a sound financial strategy.

We carefully explain the pros and cons of every option on the table, based on your personal situation. If facing unique obstacles, our team think outside the box, working hard to find an innovative lending resolution.

We’re on your side. This is our arena. Trust us to help facilitate the best outcome for your circumstances. 


Conquest Finance is committed to supporting you in your wealth building strategy. Determining the exact loan term, and type, is part of structuring your loan request, and an important first step.

Our team negotiates on your behalf to secure a tailored loan, with the appropriate bank, for your preferred investment. We’re passionate about helping you achieve a better financial position.

At every stage our focus is on navigating a path forward that enhances your loan prospects. Because we understand the ins and outs of the process, our experts also discuss possible ways to increase borrowing capacity.

This may include reviewing existing loan facilities and credit card limits, checking how gearing will impact borrowing capacity, and selecting lenders who acknowledge joint income with spouses, guarantors or other investors.

Respecting our clients means offering truthful advice designed to increase your chance of achieving lending success. We’ll represent you to the best of your abilities. Approval is the end game.

With our decades of combined experience, together we can work to strengthen your application, and increase the chance of taking your investment strategy from abstract concept to a positively performing fiscal outcome.


This is your moment. Take the first step to reaching your goals.

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