To keep the wheels turning

Ready for an upgrade? From cars to motorbikes, caravans to campers, Conquest Finance help a wide range of clients source the vehicle financing they need. 

These purchases are generally depreciating (i.e. worth less as time passes) so it’s best to prioritise smart financing. Our goal is to introduce clients to peak performing loans perfect for their current situation. Financial advice is our forte. 

As car loan brokers, we know vehicle financing opportunities are everywhere. The real issue is identifying a loan’s pros and cons. As financial experts, we’ll ensure you don’t end up paying too much in the months following your loan approval.

Whatever your focus, we have the experience. For example, while we broker many car loans, Conquest Finance can secure boat finance in Perth and Australia for the avid yachter, or the best caravan finance for the enthusiastic traveller. 

We are ready to meet all your vehicle finance broker needs, helping you access vehicle financing that enables you to live the life you want, without agreeing to exorbitant loan conditions. 


Whether planning a driving holiday, wanting a new ride for everyday commutes, or chasing commercial vehicle finance, our team can run through the lenders and loan options available. We answer questions and point out pitfalls, saving you time and effort.

In terms of car loans, it’s also worth noting you may be eligible for a novated lease under a salary packaging arrangement with your employer. A novated lease is a great way to reduce tax, and our financial experts can explain the details of the process.

Is a secured or unsecured car loan your preferred choice? Our experts can explain the difference, offering insight on the prime selection for your needs once financial practices are taken into account. We make it that easy.

The loan market is competitive, but for those without experience, it’s easy to settle for a deal that seems great upfront, but has unforeseen repercussions. (One reason why we also help refinance car loans.)

The best deal possible

We believe two points are essential to truly successful vehicle financing: having access to all options on the market, not just a niche selection, and utilising the skills of a broker committed to locking down an impressive deal.

From our experience in the field, we know banks offer the best rates to secured loans for vehicles under two years old, often adding rate loans for older vehicles. Whether you rent or own property may also be of consideration.

Conquest Finance understand every term associated with your financing—avoiding hidden fees is one element of securing a quality loan—and can verify any queries you have about the repayment structure. 

We're here to help

We want you to live a comfortable life, without the burden of ill-advised financing that pushes the boundaries of your daily budget. We’ll work on securing a great loan so you can move on to purchasing the perfect new vehicle.

Do you understand your credit score, and its purpose? We can explain the effect it has on vehicle finance, and help you understand how your new loan contributes to your overall financial status. At Conquest Finance, we believe in healthy money behaviour.

Having a professional broker on board makes all the difference to sourcing vehicle finance in Australia. A smart loan experience involves an informed decision that takes more than interest rates into account. 

With Conquest Finance, the best deal on today’s loan market is ready and waiting. Our clients are people who make smart choices. When it comes to vehicle finance in Perth, we can get the process started today.


This is your moment. Take the first step to reaching your goals.

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