Securing the best deal

Buying a home is an important long-term investment, and consulting a professional before choosing a lender is a wise move. With an array of choices out there, comparing interest rates, loan features, and fees is time-consuming, and possibly confusing.

When it comes to Perth home loans, our experts are passionate, focused, and immersed in the sector. Conquest Finance excel at WA home finance. We believe our team can help by delivering truly transformative service.

When buying a home, you need the best mortgage brokers. Using a broker for a home loan could save you serious money over the years. We’d love to discuss your home-owning dream in more detail.


At Conquest Finance we celebrate every client who engages our team. We recognise you’ve chosen to trust us with an important part of your financial future, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Firstly, how much can you borrow? Answering this question realistically is a major part of house hunting. Our mortgage experts will define your range from an informed industry perspective.

Many factors impact borrowing capability. Luckily this is our field of expertise. We thrive on addressing the unique challenges of the mortgage market, including how to navigate potential problem areas that may impede your budget. 

Common elements that contribute to loan rejection:

  • Default on your credit file.
  • Low deposit.
  • Failure to declare all expenses.

In addition, most lenders insist on a secure and stable income spanning a minimum of 6-12 months.

The good news is with direct access to the banks’ credit departments, Conquest Finance will negotiate terms and policies on your behalf. Where possible, this can involve reducing or waiving employment longevity requirements.

Our team has access to lenders known to approve default/bad credit loans, low deposit loans, and for those in a strong position, one-day-in-employment loans. As mortgage broking specialists, we may also suggest private lenders home loans.

When it comes to eligibility, those with less than perfect circumstances need to be aware other options are available. You simply require an experienced broker, one who will offer ongoing support while sourcing viable solutions.

If you are a first home buyer, our team will be able to discuss the opportunities out there. Perhaps a first home owners grant in WA applies. Our goal is to make sure you’re taking all opportunities available in Australia to improve your financial situation.

The amount you can borrow, or your borrowing capacity, depends on a handful of factors. When assessing applications, banks will consider:

  • Your monthly income.
  • Total monthly dept repayments.
  • Total monthly expenses.
  • Your credit score.
  • Your deposit or other collateral.

More than the asking price

We’ve helped many clients on their journey toward approval for home loans in Perth and WA. For those going it alone, discovering the asking price isn’t the final output can be a painful realisation.

Purchasing a home entails additional financial outlays that need to be kept in mind when scouring the property market. We give clients a heads up on factoring other essential costs into their real estate purchase.

Make sure your home buying budget can cover:

  • Lender Mortgage Insurance
  • Stamp Duty in WA and Australia
  • Legal Costs
  • Solicitor Fees
  • Application Fees
  • Inspection Fees
  • Moving Costs

When it comes to mortgage comparison in Australia, Conquest Finance will make sure you’re making an informed, forward-thinking decision. Together we can work on reaching a pre-approval home loan, so you know where you stand.

Brokers you can trust

Our endgame is clear. Complete client satisfaction, resulting in a bond of trust so deep we become the port of call for all your financing needs. To ensure this outcome, we must deliver an invaluable service.

Conquest Finance enjoys access to the entire loan market rather than being restricted to a panel of selected lenders. This advantage enables us to pinpoint a premium financing option, whatever your situation. We’re home loan brokers you can trust.

We reduce associated stress by taking care of the paperwork. Our personalised service ensures your application is correctly completed. Complicated steps forward are made simple thanks to clear, concise consultations.

Being ex-bankers means we understand the minutiae of financial language. Rather than stumbling over fine print, let Conquest Finance negotiate on your behalf. Our experienced team knows exactly how this sector works, and we’re always on your side.


This is your moment. Take the first step toward owning your home.

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