Take back control

Even with the best management, a well-run business can experience cash flow issues. Certain factors are simply out of your control. The good news is, we excel at business finance. The Conquest Finance team will work with you to outline the best path forward.

We make sure clients borrow wisely, and choose financing that best supports their business practices. Our financial experts will figure out the loan and conditions most suited to your present situation. 

While avoiding insolvency may be a short-term driving factor, there needs to be long-term focus. Cash flow finance should to be part of a financial strategy designed to do more than simply keep your business in the black. 


Cash flow refers to money coming in and going out of a business. At times, outside factors can upset the balance, and the unevenness of the flow might place your business in financial difficulty.

Regular cash flow management helps predict the cash available to your business in the coming months, as well as identifying trends, thereby allowing you to prep for problematic periods. 

Careful cash flow management gifts you time to build a cash reserve that will tide you over in the event of a cash flow drought. Alternately, you can arrange a line of credit with your bank prior to the quiet months.

If your needs are immediate, get in touch ASAP. Conquest Finance understands how to address cash flow finance in Australia. As experienced business finance brokers in Perth, we’ve helped many businesses locally and nationally. 

Cash flow financing generally funds faster, and has different criteria to most standard loans. This type of cash flow is designed for immediate access so your business can address current short-term needs. 

In simple terms, your future earning predictions drive your application, partially based on past income, rather than the standard asset collateral requirements for other forms of popular loans. 

The rates for cash flow financing differ because this is a specialised lending situation. Having a broker on your side will make sure you don’t panic and sign up for a less than satisfactory borrowing contract.

Conquer your cashflow

Most business in Australia experiences quiet months, or a lag in cash flow. The issue often lies with unforeseen delay between service and receipt of payment. Pressure mounts when cash only trickles into your account, but flows out steadily.

If large contracts remain unpaid yet you’re required to pay expenses such as sub-contractors, suppliers, and employee wages immediately, business cash flow finance could be the perfect solution.

Cash flow finance can also prove invaluable when expanding, funding big projects upfront, or hiring extra staff. It also helps if your business is hit with unexpected expenses such as an increased tax bill. 

When sourcing cash flow for your business, talk to our team. We explain how cash flow financing requests are assessed, the repayment options, and overall pros and cons versus other finance streams, based on the current status of your business.

The goal is always to finance cleverly. We provide business finance in Perth that keeps insolvency at a distance, while avoiding ill-informed choices that could risk more debt in the long run.

At Conquest Finance, we’re serious about the financial health of your business. Long-term relationships with clients, and positive word of mouth matter. We’ve earnt our glowing reputation for inspired finance solutions, and are determined to keep it.

Why Conquest Finance Group?

Because we excel at our job. Being a business ourselves, we know even the most prepared professionals can be caught out by unexpected events, economic unrest, and industry downturns. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for a smooth operation to falter.

That’s where we come in. Our experienced brokers are on hand to help negotiate the best deal — taking into consideration your business goals and strategies. Careful and clever cash flow financing can contribute to business growth, not just business survival.

We’d love to talk about your cash flow situation. Our team has their thumbs on the pulse when it comes to standout offerings available in Australia. Get in touch so we can give feedback on dealing with your present financial obstacles.

Cash flow finance should be a tool that wields excellent returns, not a corner you’re backed into. Conquest Finance want to ease any pressure you’re feeling by helping you make informed and responsible financial decisions that lead to positive results.


This is your moment. Take the first step to reaching your goal.

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