New equipment gets the job done

An equipment upgrade equals increased productivity and workplace safety. At Conquest Finance, we help you pursue the equipment finance necessary to lift your performance, consolidate or expand your contracts, and improve your turnover.


Equipment finance spans financing for an array of workplace items, from machinery to vehicles, computers, and hand tools. The goal is to keep you operating without delay, in the face of increased needs.

Identifying equipment purchases that help you better address the demands of your market, is your field of expertise. Our expertise, meanwhile, is the ability to offer a clear picture of current parameters for successful financing.

The team of experts at Conquest Finance can help unearth the best equipment finance in Perth, and throughout Australia. In a competitive market, being able to fund purchases quickly and efficiently is essential.

Whether searching for vehicle equipment finance or sourcing funds for other integral items, establishing what you can repay responsibly, and when, is the first step toward identifying financing possibilities available to you.

Types of equipment finance include:

  • Rental agreement – A popular option for access to rapidly depreciating equipment with a short lifespan of about five years. Examples include computers, photocopiers, security systems, and gaming machines.
  • Secured loan agreement – The preferred option when ownership is critical, and usually employed to access equipment with a long lifespan and low depreciations.

Before undertaking these options it’s best to confirm you chose the path with the level of flexibility, ownership, tax, and GST benefits that will positively perform for your business long-term.

As commercial finance brokers, we understand the ins and outs of the local lending scene. Conquest Finance experts are constantly in contact with the lenders and organisations that can potentially assist you.

Whatever the size of your organisation, our friendly team are on board. We’ll work to your timeline, and present suggested options that are competitive, and tailored to support the financial health of your business.

We offer clarification regarding the fees and rates out there best suited to your budget. With our help, the process of choosing a loan, and providing the appropriate information to complete the application, becomes clear and simple.

We appreciate ambition, and understand access to equipment financing can empower your business. Whatever industry or sector you work in, Conquest Finance want to help you and your team continue to perform at peak efficiency.

Get the Conquest team involved

Our finance experts have years of experience securing equipment finance for Australians. From small businesses to large corporations, we look forward to talking your team through the process.

With our knowledge of the loan market, you can trust us to advise on options that are competitive and well-performing. When it comes to equipment finance, we’ll help you discover the best deal possible.

Many of our clients become ongoing business associates. They realise having access to brokers passionate about supporting their journey is reassuring, and consider us a pipeline to invaluable financial information and perspective.

Why Conquest Finance?

We’re business owners too, and understand demands are ever-changing. Even with careful planning, sometimes extra capital is needed. Best case: burgeoning business contracts create a need for more essentials. Worst case: sudden breakages.

Whatever the reason you require new equipment, an experienced broker can prove a serious asset when sourcing essential financing. We all know a smart strategy involves utilising expert input to benefit your business.

The Conquest Finance team are skilled, experienced, and always on your side.


Let’s discuss options. Take the first step to improving your business. 

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